About Us

The Respite Inn is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency located in Concord, CA. The Respite Inn is a unique service providing out-of-home respite and emergency services to adults with developmental disabilities since 1990. Guests stay at the Inn from one to twenty-one days at a time. The peaceful one-acre setting is ideal for the bed and breakfast model in creating a comfortable wellness approach to specialized care.

The purpose of the services of The Respite Inn is to support families in their commitment to maintain their family member with developmental disabilities in their own home, by giving them periodic breaks from caretaking responsibilities. The Respite Inn also enhances the life quality of adults with developmental disabilities by providing the opportunity to experience a more independent living situation outside the home, and providing enriching life experiences in the community as well as the opportunity to develop friendships with peers.

The Respite Inn was designed to provide families with needed time away from the constant care of a family member who has a developmental disability, thus strengthening family bonds. The Respite Inn also provides an opportunity for individuals who have a developmental disability to explore life away from home, while fostering and preparing them for the future.

The Respite Inn awaits visitors with specially trained staff capable of responding to the individual needs of every guest.